“Made in” vs. “Invented in”

I think, it’s time to replace our dearly beloved “Made in” with something like “Invented in” and shift to a more local and regional production while embracing the diversity of the outcome.

The result? Less shipping and transportation around the globe, thus, a way smaller environmental impact.

You have a wonderful idea and figured it all out? Spread the word, share the knowledge, and let others modify the idea.

Example: use cotton where cotton grows to make clothes, use hemp where hemp grows to make clothes, or simply use wood where wood grows to make clothes, like the Austrian company Lenzing Fibers does.


Further advantages of this adjustment would be the elimination of sweatshops and reduction of clothing waste, plus more regional, meaningful and fulfilling jobs for more people.

Instead of producing fiber in Austria, shipping it to China, have clothes made in China and then shipping it back to Austria, it would make a lot more sense to simply produce the fiber and clothes in Austria, and, at the same time produce fiber and clothes in China.

Step 1: eliminate economic growth from your thinking pattern. If you do what you love, if you produce regionally and if you cover your expenses and living costs, you are already doing it right. No need to grow any further. Share instead.


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