Earthlings United started as an event series on the Big Island of Hawai’i, featuring vegan musicians and bands. The idea of shedding light in the dark and encouraging humans to reconnect with the environment around them was born.

Up until today, our species mostly sees our planet as our mother, which is wonderful. Just like evolution, we keep growing, thriving, and adjusting. As a species, we are shifting from adolescence to grownups which means we need to learn that Mother Earth is no longer forgiving all our mistakes and flaws. She will always love us, but if we fuck things up, she might no longer be strong enough or even willing to help us out.

So what should we do with this newly gained insight?

It’s time to start seeing our planet as our partner, teacher, and friend. We are all in this together and we all share our communities, our countries, our continents, and our beautiful planet. The world wide web makes it so easy to learn from each other, exchange and adjust to prevent mistakes from happening. Let’s unite as Earthlings, share our experiences and create fairness through awareness by thinking things through.

Engage on!