Soon after forming the EDM duo Fatmagic in 2008 the two European musicians, recording artists, songwriters and producers Madmax aka Markus Fahrenberger and Radina Tara Vel aka Radina Veliova perform at venues all over the San Francisco Bay Area, including epic clubs like Ruby Skye, Harlot and Supperclub, get booked to international film festivals and the City Hall. With the release of their first single Higher in 2009, Fatmagic quickly makes their way into the local music scene.

Fatmagic release their their first album Connecting Continents in 2010. Songs from the album are used in several short movies, movies, and animations. Short after, in 2011, Fatmagic are awarded with the Hollywood Music in Media Award for best album. By that time, Fatmagic also performs at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami and start touring Europe with a kick off event during a breakpoint in New York City. London, Paris, Vienna, Belgrade, Berlin, Sofia and many other cities follow.

Radina and Max work with international artists and producers from many different musical fields on remixes for their EP Get Down which makes it to the Top 10 of the Austrian iTunes Charts and airs on countless radio stations around the globe.

After touring Europe again in 2012, Fatmagic are back in the studio and work on their second album Connecting Worlds, incorporating the unique sounding instruments by manufacturer NS Design who designs a custom white violin and cello to match the signature white mask of Madmax.

In 2013, Fatmagic is again awarded with the Hollywood Music in Media Award for best song Blood Diamonds. New music videos are produced, one of which stars the famous German-Austrian actor Reinhard Nowak.

In 2014, Fatmagic find their new home in Los Angeles and soon get nominated for the MondoTunes Music Award, which they later win for best song Darkness.