Markus Fahrenberger is an Austrian born multi instrumentalist, composer, DJ, creative thinker and plant-based food enthusiast.

He started his musical career at the age of five in Mürzzuschlag where he wrote and conducted his first pieces for solo violin, chamber orchestra, symphonic orchestra and brass bands at the age of eight. His main instruments were violin, drums, percussion, piano, and didgeridoo, he received a provision of scholarships for outstanding students in conducting and composing at an early age.

After being trained in classical music for over 15 years, Markus began playing in rock and blues bands in 1999 and soon toured internationally with bands and DJs from around the world. In the early 2000s, Markus was among the most booked musicians in Austria and the most booked electric violinist of all time.

Between the years 2000 and 2008, Markus studied Music Education, Project Management and Music Production at the Anton Bruckner Private University of Linz as well as the Vienna Music Conservatory, where he received profound knowledge in music theory which helped him to create versatile musical journeys through a wide variety of genres. During this time, Markus found his passion for performing, producing, mixing, and mastering with bands, DJs and his early solo projects. At that time he founded his own recording studio and record label named Animasound. Anima is Greek and means soul or spirit. During this time, Markus takes acting classes at the Prayner Conservatory and the Open Acting Academy. He made appearances in a couple of TV shows, commercials and movies, but never pursued a professional acting career. He saw it more like a useful tool to slip into various roles on stage – and sometimes off stage.

In 2008, Markus created the EDM duo Fatmagic together with his former life partner Radina Veliova. A year later, both move to San Francisco, California and start performing in local clubs and theaters. In 2011, they move to Los Angles, California. Fatmagic released two award-winning albums, five EPs, three music videos, and toured all over Europe and the United States.

After a turbulent and excessive lifestyle, Markus moved to Hawai’i in 2015 and starts a life-changing spiritual journey to explore his true self, reflect on planet Earth as a holistic organism and finds his new home. He creates Earthlings United, a series of events which promote a conscious lifestyle and plant-based whole foods diet. While digging new musical genres he has never touched before, he connects with inspiring musicians such as Dagan Bernstein, Kalya Scintilla and Hedflux, who significantly influence his musical work.

Over time, his alter ego overtook and the Son of Mars was born; an interdimensional entity, equipped with a 5-string electric violin, a telescopic didgeridoo has landed on Planet Earth to explore and understand its life forms and their behavioral habits.

In the summer of 2017, the Son of Mars released his debut album “Interdimensional” under the label Merkaba Music in collaboration with Kalya Scintilla. His music is based on live looping electric freestyle violin and didgeridoo, along with beats and synthesizer bass. Son of Mars is the Space to Earth musical manifestation of an ongoing celestial journey throughout the furthest reaches of the cosmos with terrestrial origins in the volcanic jungles of Hawai’i Island.



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